Friday, July 26, 2013

Oy. so I figured I get this underway. I left a small update at hongfire but for those of you who check here exclusively, I haven't died and the project hasn't slowed down... much. I bought a new cintiq, it doesn't work, getting it fixed. That'll be about two weeks. Also moving, that's kind of a major annoyance.

As for actual progress, I've been doing character sets, writing events, finishing touches on maps. You know, stuff I do without my cintiq. Just finished a char-set today actually and I think it was the last one. Maps are about 75% done. Thanks to CosmicKitty and GoatRider for your hard work. I want to update a few character designs. but that's kinda periferal/last thought/finish everything else first sort of deal. So most of what's left is eventing and drawing H scenes. The latter of which I can't do right now.

And I'm sure there's plenty of people out their who would like a release date, or even a ball park release. Well last time I said June and then work picked up. June went Bye Bye and it's still many months off, which is why I don't like release dates. Shit slides sideways at any given time. For now just know the group is puttering along consistently as ever. Take care and I'll keep you posted.