Friday, August 24, 2018

So I've been back for a bit. The match 3 game is now fully funtional. there's some balancing to test out but that won't be needed for the proof of concept. Character still needs to be resized but that uses dialogue sprites so I'm wait until I do a polish pass on that. And the blocks still need their final graphics.

At the moment I've gone back to working on the remaining menus that are needed for the proof of concept. With the match three game done I now what I'm aiming for now and what all needs to be laid out. Specifically I'm working on the options menu which just needs a graphical update and the Hacker Equipment screen. I'll post as I get them completed. Hopefully I should have one or both finished this weekend. Cheers. Also planning to stream at 2pm pst. I know, it's a been a while. Cheers.

Stream is at

Friday, August 3, 2018

Alright. Normally I only like showing stuff when it's done. But I'm going away to Penticton for a few days to visit and hang out with the fam so here's my current progress on the match three games. As you can see it is as of yet, a work in progress. More work needs to be done on the blocks, stuff needs resizing. need to hide those menus in the corner as well. but progress is steady. Had to do about two weeks of bug fixing a week into it. that was not fun.

Anyway hope to be back soon and back to work on this.